Prefrosh Preview: Breaking the Georgetown bubble and exploring D.C.

Though Georgetown itself is wonderful and chock full of things to do, part of the experience of attending the University is getting off campus and into the District. This can be quite a feat for busy students, but Vox urges all of you, especially freshmen, to do your best to make time in your schedule […]

Prefrosh Preview: Where to get your groove on

Who says D.C. isn’t good for music? Sure, you can’t find a club on every corner, and for the most part you’ll have to venture pretty far outside that damn “bubble” everybody’s always talking about to get there, but the District has plenty of good venues for live music and DJ sets, and here we […]

Wale to perform at Midnight Madness this Friday

Wale, D.C. rap extraordinaire and noted Georgetown basketball fan, will perform on Friday at McDonough Gymnasium during Midnight Madness. His presence was previously rumored by Casual Hoya and officially confirmed by University athletics this evening. (However, a Midnight Madness agenda has yet to include Wale’s performance.) While the announcement is a surprise, Wale wrote on […]

Georgetown may not be having a fall concert, but we’re welcome at GW’s!

Enough to give you Foggy Bottom envy? It looks like once again, we’ll have to wait until the spring for GPB to scrape together an on-campus concert. While WGTB has already put on their fall show, hosting Titus Andronicus and Free Energy this Friday, GPB seems to be sticking to the recent trend of reserving […]

Vox talks with The Walkmen’s Kevin Moehringer

The Walkmen, a popular mainstay among the indie rock set who played at the 9:30 Club this Tuesday, is no stranger to D.C.—four of the five band members were classmates at the St. Albans School. Their latest release, 2008’s You & Me, was a stylistic departure from the group’s previous work. With more brass parts […]

Want free She Wants Revenge tickets?

She Wants Revenge + Date Lab Georgetown = The perfect match! Want to go to Tuesday’s She Wants Revenge concert at the Black Cat but don’t want to fork over the $20 for a ticket?  Vox has you covered—we have two free tickets to give away! How do you win one?  By filling out our […]

Your chance to see MGMT, Wale, Dan Deacon and more—for free!

Starting Thursday night and rolling on through Sunday, Washington D.C. will be treated to a series of free (FREE!) concerts, courtesy of the Kia Soul Collective Tour. Yes, that KIA, better known for mediocre motorcars than music, mirth, and mayhem. No comment on the cars, but as for the music, they brought the goods: five […]

Keeping up with the Joneses, City Council edition

DC Councilmembers have a long, amusing history of criminal hijinx, from Marion “Bitch Set Me Up” Barry to former At-large representative Harold Brazil’s recent dust-up at Jinxproof tattoo parlor. Not to be outdone, Jersey City, New Jersey Councilmember Steven Lipski came to DC this weekend and managed to set the bar for embarrassing criminal activity […]

Panic! at the GPB

If the crap bands won’t come to Georgetown, Georgetown must go to the crap bands.  So thinks the Georgetown Program Board, anyway.  Not content to simply waste money bringing sub-standard music to Georgetown (Coolio), GPB is branching out.  According to the Weekly Events email, GPB is subsidizing tickets to a Halloween show at George Mason’s […]

Bust Out Your Flannel, Kids, It’s Mudhoney in Concert

Kurt Cobain used to wear a T-shirt that said “Grunge is dead.” But if you saw Mudhoney—who ushered in grunge rock in the late 1980s with their EP “Superfuzz Bigmuff”—at the Rock and Roll Hotel last Monday night, you’d have to agree that it’s still alive and moaning.

The New Pornographers/Okkervil River at the 9:30 Club, 04.014.08

As much as I love their music, it wasn’t The New Pornographers who brought me to this show. It was the enigmatic pull of Okkervil River and their lead singer, Will Sheff, that drew me to the 9:30 Club last Monday. But twenty minutes before they was scheduled to go on stage, the club was […]