GWU College Dems confuse crosses, penises

All class at GWU. In George Washington University’s great tradition of drawing attention through effective use of symbols, some of its College Democrats took and defaced crosses used at an anti-abortion rally. A conservative group had placed 1,100… Read More

Trojan says Georgetown’s not so sexy

In case you don’t have enough evidence of Georgetown’s health-related failings, Trojan Condoms just released their 2009 Sexual Health Report Card and Georgetown came in a mortifying 124 out of 139. The rankings are based on the accessibility… Read More

H*yas for Choice on the lookout for condom thief

From the H*yas for Choice weekly email: The Case of the Missing Condoms Our stock of condoms went missing from the tabling box sometime between Thursday the 11th and Monday the 15th. We hope that one of our… Read More