Georgetown Law’s Home Court raises $371k for Washington Legal Clinic

There was no partisan rancor Wednesday night at Thurgood Marshall Elementary—just an annual basketball game for charity, where members of the Georgetown University Law Center’s faculty (team name Hoya Lawyas, naturally) beat members of the United States Congress… Read More

The Georgetown graduates who voted for and against health care reform

Surprise! There are a lot of Hoyas serving in the House and Senate. By Vox‘s count (OK, Matt Stoller’s (COL ’08) count), 19 Georgetown graduates cast their votes for or against Health Care Reform last night on the… Read More

D.C. voting rights on hold for now

Although the prognosis was positive a few months ago when Obama took office and the Democrats swept Congress, it looks like the quest for D.C. voting rights has been derailed once again. Caught between a rock (the Ensign… Read More

Congressmen introduce “D.C. Defense of Marriage” bill

Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla., left) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio,right), totally more qualified to make laws for D.C. than people elected by D.C. residents Just a few weeks after the D.C. Council almost unanimously passed a bill recognizing… Read More

A $621 million bailout for body odor

Workers on the Hill received an early gift this Christmas season; they will no longer have to deal with the putrid stench of tourists swarming the Capitol! The $621 million U.S. Capitol Visitor Center opened today, making a… Read More

Glenn Nye: hostage negotiator, alum, congressman!

It’s no surprise when Georgetown alumni are elected to Congress, but the story of Glenn Nye (SFS ’96) is worth hearing. The thirty-three year old Nye was victorious in Virginia’s second Congressional district last night, narrowly defeating GOP… Read More

Solidarity forever: House staffers boycott cafeteria

Some House staffers will be forced to schmooze outside their offices today. They’re boycotting a cafeteria for suspending an employee named Doris: Turns out Doris is a beloved member of the cafeteria staff at the Longworth House Office… Read More

Canoe v. rowboat fight heads to Congress

Georgetown’s crew team might be getting help in its long-running battle for a boathouse on the Potomac from the longest serving member of Congress. City Paper writer Mike DeBonis (Voice alum, natch) says Representative John Dingell of Michigan’s… Read More

Another big push over the first 100 hours

In an overwhelming 356 to 71 vote yesterday, the House approved a bill to slash interest rates on federal student loans, a measure that could save students over $2,000 by the end of their loan. But don’t celebrate… Read More