Hersh calls military officials crusaders in speech at SFS-Q

Seymour Hersh, a writer for the New Yorker, spoke last week at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar on the differences in foreign policy between the Bush and Obama administrations. “I don’t know how to describe Obama, as somebody who’s now in office for two years,” Hersh said. “Just when we needed an angry […]

Best of Vatican Assassins’ Georgetown conspiracy theories from 2009

It all adds up! Who knew that Georgetown’s administrators, professors, and graduates had so much power and influence? Vox has been following VaticanAssassins.Org, a Jesuit conspiracy theory website, with great amusement for a while now. The website’s editor, Eric John Phelps, is a noted “black pope” conspiracy theorist who holds that a cabal of diabolical […]