Missed Connections: Breaking in the new lot with some quake n’ shake

Welcome, dear freshmen, to the return of Missed Connections! For those of you just joining us, we here at Vox (specifically, me) enjoy taking a few moments out of our day to acknowledge those whose romantic lives have taken a turn for the far, far less fortunate. These are the denizens of the Missed Connections. […]

Missed Connections: I lust for flair and fuel

Vox’s Missed Connections: Chronicling America’s slide towards cultural armageddon since 1969. I refuse to believe there are men who patronize Baked and Wired without glasses.

Missed Connections: bothered and hot in Yates

It looks like the summer sun and some strenuous exercise at Georgetown’s own field house are causing students and residents to work up a healthy appetite for some long-shot lovin’. Except, apparently, for robots. Athletic, intellectual, and above all, color-genic: what more could a guy write online to ask for? “It appeared that our T-2000 […]

Missed Connections: July is the cruellest month

We’re back with this week’s edition of Georgetown Missed Connections, and unfortunately it looks like D.C.’s most desperate are still a little thin on the ground. (As an aside, some of us were desperately looking for some Harry Potter-related connections, but were bitterly disappointed. Nevertheless, we soldier on…) By “checking you”, I’m assuming you mean […]

Missed connections: July doldrums abound

It’s getting to that chunk of July where not even the thought of some kinky FAA action is enough to lift my spirits. Someone wants to play a game of pat down tonight. “Is that a concealed explosive in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Missed Connections: Inappropriate venues for romance edition

Anyone remember that fire at Hook yesterday? It looks like there was more than one type of sizzle in the vicinity. “One of Georgetown’s restaurants may be filled with the fires of tragedy and extensive property damage, but you’ve filled me with the fires…of passion.”

Missed Connections: Grasping for the Facebook Threshold edition

Today, I introduce Vox’s readers to my latest postulate: the Facebook threshold. It’s a fairly simple concept, in theory – if by the end of a social encounter one hasn’t gathered enough personal information to find a given romantic target on Facebook, it’s probably not going anywhere. It’s a theory that helps explain why we […]

Missed connection: poor decision edition

On today’s edition of Georgetown Missed Connections, we bring you not one but two stories from everyone’s favorite trashy Georgetown club, Thirds. The fake IDs may be gone…but the class remains. Will this column be up to its usual standards, or just unfunny and half-assed? (It’s a trick question, of course – the answer is […]

Missed Connections: can you feel the Lau tonight?

As per usual, we bring you a mix of the almost-endearing, borderline-creepy, and merely-pathetic for your amusement, mixed in with as many trite riffs as we can muster. Based on that picture? Trying and failing oh so very hard.

Missed Connections: Sexy tattoo edition

Let’s cut the small talk and get straight to the chase, Craigslist romantics: I want to blog you tonight. Hipster-tastic!

Missed Connections: Summer slump edition

We’re a little bit short of good connections to bring you today. It looks like the supply of Georgetown loners is beginning to dry up a bit as summer sets in…or perhaps everyone is simply too high to recall how to post on Craigslist? In the man’s defense, the nacho selection at AMC was a […]