In happier government news, D.C. tax rate falls a little bit

Starting today, shopping will cost you a tiny bit less than it did yesterday. In a revolutionary effort to stimulate the economy, the D.C. Council voted to lower the sales tax rate from 6 percent to 5.75 percent. Tax rates on food and drinks at restaurants (10 percent), tobacco (12 percent) and some rentals (14.5 […]

D.C. budget breakdown: City transportation changes and more help for low-income housing

Last week, the D.C. Council approved a record $12.1 billion city budget for fiscal 2014. The new budget, which likely will be officially passed next month, includes several key changes to city transportation and low-income housing. Circulator bus service, for example, has been extended significantly. Beginning by early July, the Circulator will reach U Street […]

District Digest: Old bills in the council and new trains on the Metro

D.C. Council recycles old legislative material In preparation for their first major meeting of 2013, several lawmakers on the D.C. Council reintroduced old propositions, which were previously not passed. The tactic is a classic attempt by legislators to seem active and appeal to their constituencies, without actually having to contribute genuinely new legislation and garner […]

College students, rejoice! D.C. Council moves to allow Sunday liquor sales

Moar of dis The District of Columbia is slated to leave the dwindling number of states still outlawing off-premises Sunday liquor sales. This Tuesday, the D.C. Council initially approved a measure that would completely revamp the district’s alcohol laws and allow class A retailers—the city’s liquor stores—to open on Sundays. The District’s old, largely anachronistic […]

District Digest: Yo-Yo Ma visits and D.C. Council dysfunctions

Yo-Yo Ma stops by elementary school in Anacostia Famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and former New York City Ballet dancer Damian Woetzel visited Savoy Elementary School in Ward 8 to perform and work with students after his performance at the Kennedy Center the night before. According to myFOXdc, the students were excited because the cellist has […]

District Digest: Bills pass and schools may be slashed

This week, barring the national sex scandals, D.C. Chancellor Kaya Henderson comes out in opposition to the proposal to close 20 public schools in the city, and a bill is in the making to make adults in the District accountable if they fail to report a child sex abuse case. D.C. Council hearing focuses on […]

District Digest: Snakes at the zoo, students skip school

This week in the District, eight tentacled snakes were born at the Smithsonian National Zoo, D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson announces an “education crisis” in the number of students with unexcused absences, and a robbery in Dupont Circle led to a car chase. First tentacled snakes born in years at National Zoo After four years […]

District Digest: Absentee woes and mystery patios

This week’s roundup of news in the D.C. area features a strange episode with a patio, a school board member who might not be reappointed for his views on multiculturalism, and the change that absentee ballots can be handed in as late as Election Day due to the Frankenstorm. Mystery patio set appears on Woodley […]

Potty-mouthed D.C. Council racks up massive cell phone bill

While D.C. leaders have been touring the country, attempting to convince state lawmakers to help the District grow up and become a full-fledged state, the D.C. Council has been spewing profanity and piling up cell phone bills like petulant teenagers. In the last 16 months, the council members and approximately 30 senior staff members who […]

District Digest: Scandals galore

Editor’s Note: Every Friday, District Digest will bring you the highlights from this week’s news around D.C. and the greater metropolitan area. Weiner – with his creative use of twitter – is not even close to being the only man in the District with a scandal. Political scandals in the D.C. government have been producing enough energy […]

Jack Evans celebrates twenty years on D.C. Council

Mayor Vincent Gray and other colleagues joined D.C. Councilman Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) at an event last Friday celebrating his twenty years representing Ward Two, which includes Georgetown University and its environs, on the D.C. Council. Evans was first elected to the Council on April 30, 1991. Nowadays, he is best known as a pro-business […]