D.C. released four rare liquor licenses for Georgetown


D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration began accepting applications yesterday morning for four newly available liquor licenses, namely three restaurant licenses and one tavern license, designated for the Georgetown Historic District. The Washington City Paper reported that restauranteurs had camped outside the Reeves Municipal Center from Wednesday to submit their applications in person, as the city government reviews […]

National Cherry Blossom Festival begins Thursday


After a harsh winter with far too many snow days, D.C. opens its arms to spring this Thursday with the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which commemorates Japan’s first gift of cherry blossom trees, or sakura, to the city of Washington in 1912. First held in 1935 by numerous civic groups, the festival was first […]

Congress finds D.C. budget autonomy referendum has no legal effect


Although more than 80 percent of D.C. residents voted in support of the “budget autonomy” measure in an April referendum, the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative agency, has stated that this latest attempt to gain increased independence from Capitol Hill is not legal. The measure, which would allow the District to spend local tax revenue without […]

Hoya Hub blog on life in Georgetown and D.C. to launch Nov. 4

If Vox Populi doesn’t quite fill all your blogging desires, on Nov. 4 students will see one more website popping up on laptops in lecture halls.   That day will mark the launch of Hoya Hub, a new website covering all aspects of the college experience, developed by Felipe Ernst (MSB ‘14). The website has been […]

D.C. no longer in top ten most dangerous cities in America

According to Forbes’ 2012 list of America’s most dangerous cities, which was released last Thursday, Washington, D.C. is no longer among the top ten most dangerous cities in America. The list, which was created by ranking cities with populations over 200,000 by their violent crime rates, now places D.C. as the 16th most dangerous city in […]

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to the D.C. jazz scene

Whether you’re a bona fide jazzhead or just need somewhere to impress that cutie you met during NSO, D.C. has you covered. From big band favorites to bossa and bop, the District has it all. Here are Vox’s top picks for some swingin times that won’t break the bank: For students on a budget, it’s […]

Combos brand thinks D.C. needs to man up, gives us low masculinity ranking

Earlier this month, the Combos brand—that’s right, the people who make those weird, artificially cheesy pretzel snack things—released their third annual list of the United States’s “50 Manliest Cities.” And although the District scored ninth in 2010, this year our city has taken by far the biggest plummet on the chart, landing us at an […]

Actually, students do have to fill out the Census 2010 forms

Vox was going to skip the Census-myth-debunking blog post party, but to our surprise, we’ve heard from a lot of students who are under the impression that they don’t have to fill out the 2010 Census because they’ll be listed on their parents’ form, or because without proper voting rights, it doesn’t help out D.C. […]

DC homicide rate lowest in 45 years

Washington D.C. recorded its lowest homicide rate in 45 years in 2009. The number of murders dropped twenty-five percent from 2008: falling from 186 to 140 in a single year. Even more impressive is the decline since 1991, where killings in Washington D.C. spiked at 489 deaths. “It’s huge,” said D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. […]

Foreign GU students contributed nearly $60 million to US economy in 2008

A globalized economy means we’re all equally subject to hefty tuition bills. Last week, the Washington Business Journal reported that foreign students contributed about $17.6 billion to the American Economy last year, making higher education one of the United States’ top service sector exports. Students attending schools in DC contributed about $304 million, and the 1,804 […]

Georgetown professor defends D.C. Archdiocese’s anti-same-sex marriage moves

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington provoked quite a stir this week when it announced that it would abandon its contracts with the city unless the D.C. Council changed its proposed same-sex marriage bill.  The church says that the bill could force it to extend employee benefits to same-sex married couples, so they would no longer […]