Want to know what it’s like when people stop being polite and start getting real?

Were you inspired by the seven eight strangers who set up shop in Dupont Circle this summer?  Want your own shot at reality show infamy? You’re in luck: MTV is doing casting for the next season of Real World in D.C. tomorrow!  Just head over to Town Tavern at 2323 18th Street NW between 10 […]

Lawsuit reveals Fire Department bungled the investigation of the Georgetown Public Library blaze

In 2007, a blaze broke out at the Georgetown Public Library, destroying large portions of the building and leaving the neighborhood without a permanent library for years.  Soon after the fire, the city sued the contractor that had been doing repairs to the library at the time for $13 million, alleging that the heating guns […]

Georgetown makes “Best Neighbor” honor roll for community involvement

It’s a wonderful day in Georgetown’s neighborhood! While Georgetown’s town-gown relations can get pretty testy, according to researchers at Westfield State College, GU is actually one of the best neighbors in the country [PDF].  Georgetown made their “Best Neighbor” honor roll in their recent survey of colleges and universities. The presentation, “Saviors of Our Cities: […]

Your chance to see MGMT, Wale, Dan Deacon and more—for free!

Starting Thursday night and rolling on through Sunday, Washington D.C. will be treated to a series of free (FREE!) concerts, courtesy of the Kia Soul Collective Tour. Yes, that KIA, better known for mediocre motorcars than music, mirth, and mayhem. No comment on the cars, but as for the music, they brought the goods: five […]

D.C. ranked fourth best city for college students

Monument-filled AND college-kid friendly! A new report by the American Institute for Economic Research ranked Washington D.C. as the fourth best metropolitan area to attend college, according to the Washington Post. The report highlighted the 75 best college locations in America, subdividing the list by city size.  D.C. was grouped into the major metropolitan category, […]

The Post surveys the D.C. area’s town- gown tiffs

The eternal conflict: curmudgeonly neighbors v. rowdy co-eds With new neighbors’ groups popping up left and right, it looks like we’re in for another year of fights between residents and the University.  But Georgetown’s not the only school dealing with a seemingly perpetual town-gown rift—as an article in yesterday’s Washington Post makes clear, other local […]

Faux mayoral candidate takes strong stance on Sellinger Sparrow

Ever get the feeling that 2010 is just way too long to wait for the next D.C. mayoral campaign?  Well the New Organizing Institute, a progressive advocacy and campaign training program, has got you covered.  As part of their summer BootCamp they’re holding a mock election for D.C. mayor. Alfredo Fletes (SFS ’09) emailed us […]

D.C. voting rights on hold for now

Although the prognosis was positive a few months ago when Obama took office and the Democrats swept Congress, it looks like the quest for D.C. voting rights has been derailed once again. Caught between a rock (the Ensign amendment that was tacked onto the bill and would have undermined the District’s gun control regulations) and […]

This year’s iteration of the internet’s annual intern antidote

Brace yourselves, it’s that time of year again… With intern season officially upon us, it’s about time the local blogosphere came out with its annual anti-intern novelty blog (because what’s a D.C. summer if not a chance to hone your superiority complex?). Last year, it was the short-lived but stupendous M4Intern (“D.C.’s most common sexual […]

D.C. tops American Fitness Index as nation’s Healthiest City

Fun Fact: Everyone in D.C. looks like this In its annual American Fitness Index the American College of Sports Medicine reported that Washington, D.C is the healthiest city in the United States. The D.C./Alexandria/Arlington area ranked 1st on a list of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan cities, beating out other top contenders like Denver, San […]

Congressmen introduce “D.C. Defense of Marriage” bill

Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla., left) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio,right), totally more qualified to make laws for D.C. than people elected by D.C. residents Just a few weeks after the D.C. Council almost unanimously passed a bill recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.) introduced the […]