At the Walter E Washington Convention Center

Ms. Smith comes to Washington: D.C.’s matriarchy matters

The District of Columbia has officially leaned in. On January 5, Petula Dvorak, a columnist at the Washington Post, noted that the inauguration of newly elected District Mayor Muriel Bowser marks the beginning of a new era of… Read More


D.C. music and activism: unbreakable bond with upcoming shows

Within the next month, four shows will be played to help raise awareness about social and political issues—some of which, the DCist claims, the country may be fed up with hearing about. With D.C.’s history in the music world, a… Read More


D.C. will remain a distant spectator in 2024 Summer Olympics

Had you been hoping to watch the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games in Washington, D.C.? If so, that hope is one to put on hold as Boston, M.A. has received the U.S. Olympic Committee’s bid to host… Read More


Ferguson demonstrations continue to raise awareness in D.C.

After the grand juries failed to indict both officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, cities across the country, including D.C., have been organizing demonstrations almost daily. Last Wednesday, protestors in the District blocked traffic… Read More


Unlikely that Congress will block D.C. marijuana legalization

On November 4, Initiative 71 passed with massive support. Nearly 70 percent of voters were in favor of marijuana legalization in the District. Initiative 71 legalizes possession of up to two ounces in D.C. for adults age 21 and… Read More


You dirty rat: D.C. ranks as third ‘rattiest’ city

Whoever said that mice are nice clearly never had unwelcome rodents lurking in his or her apartment complex. According to a study conducted by Orkin, Washington, D.C. ranks as the third ‘rattiest’ city in the U.S, beaten by… Read More


D.C. released four rare liquor licenses for Georgetown

D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration began accepting applications yesterday morning for four newly available liquor licenses, namely three restaurant licenses and one tavern license, designated for the Georgetown Historic District. The Washington City Paper reported that restauranteurs had camped outside… Read More


National Cherry Blossom Festival begins Thursday

After a harsh winter with far too many snow days, D.C. opens its arms to spring this Thursday with the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, which commemorates Japan’s first gift of cherry blossom trees, or sakura, to the… Read More


Congress finds D.C. budget autonomy referendum has no legal effect

Although more than 80 percent of D.C. residents voted in support of the “budget autonomy” measure in an April referendum, the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative agency, has stated that this latest attempt to gain increased independence from Capitol… Read More

Hoya Hub blog on life in Georgetown and D.C. to launch Nov. 4

If Vox Populi doesn’t quite fill all your blogging desires, on Nov. 4 students will see one more website popping up on laptops in lecture halls.   That day will mark the launch of Hoya Hub, a new website… Read More