D.C. marijuana decriminalization bill catches fire in congressional hearing

Editor’s note: Now that finals have ended, Vox returns, ready to provide his faithful readers with content all summer. In addition to two posts every day, Vox will feature a Prefrosh Preview every Monday and Friday. Last Friday, the District’s marijuana… Read More

Activists want D.C. to vote on marijuana legalization in 2014

With legal weed now a reality in Colorado and Washington, far away from meddling narcs, marijuana advocates are eyeing legalization for a District in the feds’ backyard. Last Friday, Adam Eidinger, the co-owner of Capital Hemp and leader of DCMJ… Read More

Marijuana decriminalization bill set for introduction to D.C. Council

Vox will soon be able to rest easier knowing that light enjoyment of some greenery won’t be met with a jail sentence. At least, hopefully. Under a bill which D.C. Council members Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and Marion Barry (D-Ward… Read More

ACLU report shows racial bias in marijuana arrest rates, advances legalization argument

With recreational weed laws now reality in Colorado and Washington, along with the first commercial hemp crop being planted in 60 years, skies seem clear for marijuana advocates—or perhaps happily hazy. In the District, however, an ACLU report… Read More