Smith, Perrone get probation for DMT charges

Charles Smith and John Perrone, the duo arrested in Harbin last fall for the manufacture of the illegal hallucinogenic drug DMT in Smith’s room, were sentenced Friday to three years of probation and 200 hours each of community service. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly initially gave Smith and Perrone six months in jail, but suspended the sentence […]

Smith and Perrone plead guilty, likely to serve probation

In federal court yesterday, Charles Smith and John Perrone plead guilty to manufacturing DMT in Smith’s Harbin dorm room last October. Perrone admitted during the hearing that he purchased the supplies needed to make the hallucinogenic drug, while Smith agreed to pay half of the cost. Although they didn’t plan to sell the drug, they […]

Defendants to plead guilty in DMT case

In the last few days new charges were formally filed against Charles Smith (SFS ’14) and John Perrone regarding their involvement in the operation of the DMT lab found in Harbin last October. According to the filing documents, Smith and Perrone “did unlawfully, knowingly, and intentionally manufacture a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount […]

“Inadvertent human error” caused Harbin fire alarm malfunction

The failure of Harbin Hall’s audible fire alarm system was caused by “inadvertent human error,” according to Chief Administrative Officer Spiros Dimolitsas. “A technician failed to properly reset the system after conducting a monthly test of a fire pump on Friday, October 22,” he wrote in a memo addressed to the University community. “The system […]

WaPo’s last-minute costumes for lazy college students

Looking to go out tonight but not sure what to wear? Use up all your good costumes already? The Washington Post has a few suggestions for college-themed costumes, including “Can of Four Loko,” “Mark Zuckerberg,” and of course, the Georgetown-themed “Alleged Georgetown DMT Lab Scientists.” From the Post‘s college blog, Campus Overload: Throw on a […]

Student “questions” DeGioia about Harbin arrests, beats joke into the ground

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Smith and Perrone released to parents, trial set for January

At D.C. District Court this afternoon, Charles Smith (SFS ’14) and John Perrone, a freshman at the University of Richmond, were released under parental custody to their homes in Andover, Massachusetts. Smith and Perrone will stand trial in court on January 24 for conspiracy to manufacture and possession with intent to distribute DMT, a hallucinogenic […]

Washington Post reports that K2 tip, not “strange odor,” led to Harbin arrests

The Washington Post is reporting that University Public Safety officers received a drug tip on Saturday morning that led to the arrests of Charlie Smith (SFS ’14), John Perrone, a University of Richmond freshman, and John Romano (COL ’14), who was released by authorities yesterday. The report contradicts statements made by Todd Olson, vice president […]

University sends update about Harbin Hall evacuation

Tuesday, 6:45 p.m. update: According to an email sent to students by the University Housing Department, Facilities Management will test each residence hall’s fire alarm system this week. Between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. tomorrow, Darnall and New South will be tested; LXR, Nevils, and the Southwest Quad will be tested later that day between […]

University administrators respond to Saturday’s DMT arrests

In a meeting with campus media this evening, Todd Olson, university vice president of student affairs, and Julie Green Batialle, university spokesperson, revealed more details surrounding the DMT arrests in Harbin Hall last Saturday. “The fact is it was a day that was confusing in many ways,” Olson said. Olson and Bataille would not comment […]

DMT arrest update: John Romano released, others held without bail

8:40 p.m. update: The Collegian reports that University of Richmond and Henrico County police searched Perrone’s dorm room on Saturday after learning of his arrest, but found no contraband. 6:38 p.m. update: Washington City Paper‘s Rend Smith reports that officers from the Metropolitan Police Department confiscated chemicals, dry ice, mason jars, and an envelope with […]