Switch It Off competition shows which dorms are energy hogs

Dear LXR, this actually shouldn’t be your energy use model You may not be aware of it since, as the Voice‘s Editorial Board pointed out in this week’s issue, the University hasn’t done a great job of publicizing… Read More

Garnier Fructis promoters party on Harbin Patio

Does she rock her style or what? Yesterday afternoon, students on five different dorm floors emerged from their rooms to find that somebody had placed baskets of Garnier Fructis products in front of every door and set up… Read More

Doing domestic right: a peek inside Georgetown’s dorm rooms

After seeing my room’s decor, my roommate’s mother called me a minimalist. My side featured a bare wall and two pictures of my family. Her daughter’s side of the room, in contrast, was covered with photos and food. My… Read More

Why you can’t pimp your dorm anymore

The Post is just having too much fun with this recession.  First they were slyly spotlighting the adverse effect of high gas prices on the social lives of teenagers.  Now they’re gleefully chronicling the hardships of the upper-middle… Read More

The myth of the sexually active dorm

The story that a Cornell study ranked Darnall as one of the country’s most sexually-active dorms just won’t die. No such study exists, but the Voice fell for it (although that article might be in on the joke),… Read More

Copley Flooding Causes Resident Exodus

It started small—just a noise, like rain in the heating ducts. Then it turned into a leak, then a cascade. Dubbed “Copley Flood ’07” by John Tincoff (SFS ’09), the abundance of water that burst into the fifth… Read More

I hate rats

Last night, I dreamt that I encountered a fat, human-sized rat in Village A, where I live. I don’t remember the details of the dream, but I do know that rats scare the shit out of me. Every… Read More