The Examiner gets its own Georgetown column

The Examiner, the right-tilting daily known for its dogged free delivery, has recently started running a “Georgetown University Examiner” column on its website. Penned by Georgetown philosophy major and American Enterprise Institute intern Peter Grace (COL ’10), the… Read More

Feith of my fathers: Doug Feith blasts Georgetown, provost on talk radio

Listening to conservative talk radio came in handy today when I found newly-former Georgetown professor Doug Feith on the Dennis Prager Show. Apparently, Feith isn’t too happy that his contract wasn’t renewed, and he doesn’t care who knows… Read More

Keeping the Feith

As Doug Feith’s 2-year term at Georgetown expires, several questions remain. Was his ouster organized by liberal faculty members? What does Foreign Service Dean Galluci think of it all? Has anyone at Georgetown ever been so much a… Read More