Dowdometer: Hot, Flat, and Dowded (also, naked Pat)

Time for the last reading of the Dowdometer, the machine that measures now-former GUSA President Pat Dowd’s success at living up to low expectations. The red bar is my expectations. Pat grew his mustache today because he’s looking… Read More

Dowdometer: Say Namaste to student initiative!

Buried in last week’s GUSA coverage was a bit about GUSA President Pat Dowd’s (SFS `09) latest, and perhaps last crusade: raising funds for a Hindi language program here at Georgetown. Dowd and a fundraising team intend to… Read More

A Yuletide Dowdometer and a poll

It’s Christmas-time at Georgetown, a time when all hearts on campus turn to one man who promised us salvation: Student Association president Pat Dowd. That makes for a perfect time to evaluate Pat’s term thus far using the… Read More

Dowdometer: Harvest Time

It’s time for another appearance of the Dowdometer, where we gauge how GUSA President Pat Dowd is living up to expectations. He’s a pumpkin today in honor of his fall giveaway. Despite being a happy pumpkin, Pat is… Read More

The Dowdometer returns, and it’s mad

The Dowdometer is supposed to be about gauging Student Association President Pat Dowd’s performance, with the ulterior motive of developing in him a Pavlovian response to our approval. This week, though, the Dowdometer is all about being angry,… Read More

Introducing the Dowdometer

I didn’t think much of GUSA President Pat Dowd when he was running. Neither did the Voice editorial board, which endorsed his opponents. With GUSA Summer Fellows coming together so soon and his pretty good response to our… Read More