Life in LXR after the crimes

Someone’s in trouble with DPS Until the events of this past weekend, LXR had been a relatively quite dorm this year, with few problems larger than the lack of hot water during my morning shower. This week, however,… Read More

One fine weekend for Georgetown and crime

I went down to the basement of Copley at 4:30 last night to get some snacks from the vending machine. For the first time at Georgetown, I feared for my safety as I walked through the halls of… Read More

Student jump out of 3rd story Henle window with DPS in hot pursuit

In the best summer Georgetown news since Georgetown fired Marriott, a Georgetown student banned from campus evaded DPS by jumping out of a window only to be caught in Ohio. The Hoya scooped us on this one, but… Read More

Crime happens; curfews shouldn’t

After you read the Voice’s editorial about improving DPS training and working conditions after last weekend’s startling events, consider the campus-wide e-mail sent this morning. It seems the university response is: 1. More DPS officers around at night…. Read More

Midnight madness

I was in Healy Circle last night around 1:00, checking out Mustard’s Last Stand, when all of a sudden the sound of police sirens became deafening, and the front gates turned an eerie purple color from the red… Read More