Georgetown’s drug and alcohol policies receive a B

While Georgetown may be rated A+ in the recruitment of beautiful overachievers, its grade for campus policies regarding drugs and alcohol is not quite up to par. Georgetown was assessed by Sensible Students for Drug Policy (SSDP), an international grassroots organization that encourages open dialogue on the impact of campus drug policies and advocates for […]

Campus Crime Watch: Five more on-campus laptop thefts

View Campus Crime Watch: November 11-16 in a larger map 7:30 p.m. update: Three more laptop thefts have been reported since Tuesday. One was stolen from a Darnall dorm room while the victim was napping. Original post: Five more laptops were stolen between Thursday and Tuesday, continued a trend of on-campus thefts that began last […]

Campus Crime Watch: Pizza car theft, DUI, burglary

View Campus Crime Watch: November 2 – November 10 in a larger map In addition to the latest burglary and attempted burglary in Village A, this week saw a pair of bizarre automobile-related incidents: A pizza car hijacking and a DUI near Darnall Hall. Tuesday, November 2 8:15 AM – ROBBERY (3600 block of Canal […]

Campus Crime Watch: Six laptop thefts in the past week

View Campus Crime Watch: October 19-26 in a larger map Drug violations—and the ensuing arrests—took a prominent position in this week’s news coverage. However, theft remains the most prevalent type of crime on campus. Six reported incidents of laptop thefts occurred on campus in the past week, two of which occurred within minutes of one […]

Campus Crime Watch: Stolen bikes and jack-o-lanterns

View Campus Crime Watch: October 12-18 in a larger map Earlier this week, the Hoya reported a rise in bicycle thefts at Georgetown. Vox recommends that students register their bikes with the National Bike Registry. (Bicycle registration, which was required in D.C. until 2008, is potentially the only way to recover a stolen bicycle.) When […]

Campus Crime Watch: Two domestic assaults in ten days

[Editor's Note: We're changing up our crime coverage a bit. Now, we're posting weekly crime reports, rather than monthly.] View Campus Crime Watch: October 1-11 in a larger map This past week-and-a-half saw the three on-campus assaults, two of which DPS characterized as “domestic violence assaults.” According to Rachel Pugh, associate director of University communications, […]