GUSA Roundup: Changing of the guard

At yesterday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, the most venerable senators approved the third member of the IRC Triumvirate Election Commission, the new chair of the Finance and Appropriations committee, and discussed the future of the… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Loose ends and tight wallets

Yesterday, the Georgetown University Student Association Senate tied up some loose ends from last week’s meeting, including, passing electoral reform laws, the FY13 budget, and the executive cabinet. One of the few new items at the meeting the… Read More

Vote in Vox‘s GUSA exit poll: Who did you put a 1 next to on the ballot?

It’s Georgetown University Student Association election day, all day! The polls close at 11:59 p.m. tonight, and vote counting will take place all day tomorrow. Student Election Commissioners have said that ideally, they will disclose the results of… Read More

GUSA Special Election ballot not working for you?

You’re not alone if you can’t access the ballot the Election Commission sent out earlier this evening. GUSA Election Commissioner Mirco Haag (SFS `09) said he and the other members of your Friendly Neighborhood Election Commission are working… Read More

A lesson in UIS: GUSA ballot working after brief glitch

Those of you who clicked on the link in the Election Commission’s email for the GUSA Presidential runoff the moment (10:11 p.m.) it arrived in your inbox might have gotten scared that the Election Commission had thrown you… Read More

Dude, where’s my election results?

After an anomalous problem-free election last year, it looks like last Thursday’s contest will add a new story to GUSA’s illustrious history of election scandal.  From the election commission to candidates and campus media: Hi all, The Election… Read More