The ANC Commissioners your mother warned you about

If you’re registered to vote in DC, there are already way too many things you won’t be seeing on your ballot this November. That’s why Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E commissioner and local architect Bill Skelsey deserves a kick… Read More

Jack Evans’s honey trap

Jack Evans, Georgetown’s councilman, is facing off against Cary Silverman in September’s Democratic primary. He’ll need to pull out all the stops to beat Silverman, so he’s asking for a little help from the ladies. From an email… Read More

Jack Evans, get out of here. Your website is awful.

Look at it. Councilman Jack Evans’s Ward 2 (which includes Georgetown) re-election website is so bad, the many things wrong with it can only be understood with a list: Red text over a glowing blue background, all inconsistently… Read More

Ominous Predictions for Republicans

First it was the war in Iraq, then Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay. Now, it’s Tom Foley, who’s been struggling to find an acceptable excuse for his behavior—alcoholism, the priest that supposedly molested him as a child. For… Read More

Hey, is that an election coming up?

D.C. is voting for a new mayor Tuesday, and it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been thinking about for the past two weeks (shameless self-promotion alert). Here are a couple of things to chew on before the… Read More


Get down with Brown! This needs no explanation. Posted by Mike Stewart, Features Editor

Barry’s shrunken influence

The Washington City Paper’s Loose Lips column this week published a sweet photo of Washington’s former mayor Marion Barry sporting a trademark brimmed hat in what appears to be his own little patch of Ward 8. Despite Barry’s… Read More