SAFE commission backs Healy pub, townhouse solar panels

The SAFE commission voted last night to allocate nearly all of its $3.4 million endowment to the creation of the Healy Student Space as part of its primary recommendation to GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations committee. The commission also… Read More

Endowment commission closes in on consensus

Tuesday night, the Endowment Commission met to decide the fate of the $3.4 million Student Activities Fee Endowment. Coming off a closed executive session on Sunday, the commission weighed in on the main ideas left on the table…. Read More

Endowment Commission hears proposal for Healy Pub, others

On Tuesday evening, the Endowment Commission met for nearly three hours to consider the largest of the proposals for spending down the $3.4 million Student Activities Fee Endowment. The ideas included placing solar panels on University-owned townhouses, creating… Read More

Student space an important goal at Endowment Commission town hall

The GUSA Endowment Commission held a town hall meeting on Saturday afternoon to address how to spend the $3.4 million made available by the SAFE reform passed this December. The commission’s chair, Andrew Curtis (MSB ’11), described to… Read More

Letter to the Editor: Bring back Healy Pub

Alumni support for the effort to bring back Healy Pub has continued to grow. John Dickman (COL ’73), who served as general manager of the University Center Café from 1973-1974 and the University Center Pub from 1974-1975, recently… Read More

Students, alumni launch campaign to bring back Healy Pub

In an email sent to the SAFE Reform Endowment Commission this morning, a number of current students and alumni, led by Matt Stoller (COL ’08), submitted a proposal to bring back the Healy Pub. The effort requests that the… Read More