Greenopia USA gives Georgetown poor marks environmental reporting

Greenopia USA recently released green rankings for universities, and Georgetown didn’t come out looking so great. The rankings are given out on a scale of four leaves, and Georgetown received just one lone leaf. That means we met… Read More

Renewable Energy Turns Me On surveys campus recycling bins, finds them lacking

Over on the greener side of the Georgetown blogosphere, EcoAction’s Renewable Energy Turns Me On just conducted an informal survey of recycling bins on campus, and the findings aren’t pretty. Renewable Energy Turns Me On visited Walsh, Healy,… Read More

Giving more green to Georgetown to make it greener?

How much would you pay for a greener campus? Yesterday, EcoAction’s blog, Renewable Energy Turns Me On, drew our attention to a unsuccessful campaign from the 2006-7 school year which called for a $30 fee added on to… Read More

Georgetown gets B- in enviro. sustainability

The good folks at the Sustainable Endowments Institute must have missed the Voice’s article this week about how GUSA, EcoAction, and the Corp are painting the campus green. At least, that might explain the B- Georgetown got in… Read More

Leo’s, why hast thou forsaken us?

There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry only an hour after eating at Leo’s. All that foraging through mounds of catfish nuggets, dry rice, and over-seasoned zucchini to find something edible was for naught, apparently. Occasionally, when I’m leaving… Read More

A truly conservative charge

I never thought I’d say this, but check out this month’s issue of The Georgetown Federalist, the University’s conservative publication. Despite Editor J.P. Medved’s direct shot at the Voice in his “From the Editor” column, the issue does… Read More