GUSA Roundup: Budget for some, nothing for others

The agenda of this Sunday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association was dominated by the vote on the budget passed out of the Financial Appropriations Committee for fiscal year 2011 on Thursday. But Senators still found time to remark on the most recent controversy at Georgetown, the Plan A protest held over GAAP weekend, and dream […]

GUSA attendance high, with one Senator to be questioned about attendance

Last year’s woeful attendance at Georgetown University Student Association Senate meetings seems to be a thing of the past. Following our look at the attendance records of GUSA Senators for the fall semester, which found that only one senator—cheerleader-cum-delegate Eric Cusimano (SFS ‘10)—had missed enough meetings to qualify for a review by the Ways and […]

GUSA Senators attending senate meetings

GUSA’s coveted attendance trophy Well, duh, you might say upon seeing that headline. But recall that at one point last school year, attendance at Georgetown University Student Association meetings had gotten so low that senators found themselves unable to make quorum and identified six senators with attendance so bad, they could be forcibly expelled from […]

Vox‘s Guide to Making Informed GUSA Choices pt. 1

With the polls currently open, it’s time to decide who’ll be representing the student body in GUSA this year.  Of course, the vigilant voter always wants to make an informed decision, but it can be tough to know where exactly a candidate stands. With that dilemma in mind, Vox sent out a survey to all […]