Study Playlist: Voxy beats for your intellectual feats

Vox understands how stressful finals week can be. It’s often difficult to concentrate on exams or papers when winter break is just within our eager grasp. Christmas time is fast approaching; however, so are our deadlines, and this reality can be rather stressful. Alas! Do not fear- we have your best interests in mind. Studies have shown that listening to […]

New MCAT to include sections on psychology and sociology

Last week, the Association of American Medical Colleges announced dramatic changes to the Medical College Admissions Test. These changes, which will be implemented in 2015, plan to test aspects of psychology and sociology in addition to the exam’s traditional biological components, and will increase the length of the test from four to six hours. According to […]

The Vox guide to transforming the internet from finals foe into finals friend

The trick is making it into a useful series of tubes Usually the combination of the finals and the internet results in bad, bad things. Things like spending 36 hours on the computer and finding you have a grand total of 250 words written. But the internet isn’t all time-suck! Check out Vox’s list of […]