The Man damned, Georgetown Day saved!

Looks like the power of the internet can, in fact, be used for good.  Witness the email soon to be sent out to undergraduates from the Provost: Dear Fellow Hoyas, I’m happy to announce that the Main Campus… Read More

Pre-frosh saved from dastardly College Prowler Facebook plot

Remember the thrill of getting your acceptance letter and smugly joining the “Georgetown Class of 20-whatever” Facebook group? Remember innocently bonding with your future classmates over discussions about just how ready to party you are and gleefully accepting… Read More

We’re on Facebook!

Won’t you be Vox Populi‘s friend? I promise it’ll be like friending someone you’ve known for a while who just got a Facebook, and not at all like friending someone you met once at a party and never… Read More

We’re on Facebook!

Please friend us. The blog said it wanted to try out New Facebook, so we made it a page. If you become Vox Populi’s fan, not only will your Facebook profile be improved with a tiny picture of… Read More

We don’t need no education (on Facebook)

The items that show up in your Facebook news feed fall into one of three categories: interesting (your ex’s relationship status changes), sort of interesting (your housemate posts new photos), and not at all interesting (someone you knew… Read More

FARCEFARCEFARCE: a dramatic interpretation

Tuesday I wrote about a delicious set of Facebook messages between two GW students that discussed, among other things, who they were leading on . My source, The Colonialist, took down the messages. I can understand that–they have… Read More

Facebook redesign launching anytime now

Mark Zuckerberg, the socially-stunted Facebook king, has been nursing a massive site redesign for 6 months. Depending on who you read, it’s gone live now or will in a matter of hours or days. You’re supposed to be… Read More

US News Facebook app doesn’t make the grade

Facebook may be the time capsule of every embarrassing episode in our collegiate careers, but lately everyone’s favorite social networking site wants to show that it can do more than just party. Enter Gradzilla, an application created by… Read More

Facebook: Future-ruiner, still good for party invitations

Remember when Facebook was an e-Skull & Bones for people who went to East Coast schools and knew one another from dear old Camp Chikiwawa? You could post whatever grotesque initiation pictures you wanted, but then Mark Zuckerburg… Read More

Hoyas remember Tim Russert in Facebook, Gchat statuses

In 2006, Tim Russert talked with the New York Times magazine about regularly attending Saturday afternoon masses at the Georgetown Hospital’s chapel. After his death last Friday, this time Georgetown’s talking about Russert. In the hours and days… Read More