Rag dolls are people too: A Million Shetland Ponies, one Georgetown freshman’s “two man” band

I was quickly corrected when I referred to A Million Shetland Ponies, in which Georgetown freshman David Benedetto (SFS ’13) is a musician, as a one man band. “So, there are two members of A Million Shetland Ponies…. Read More

Wrongly accused man starts his freshman year at GWU after ten years’s imprisonment

Mario Rocha at GWU A lot of students have to overcome adversity in order to get to college, but Mario Rocha, who is about to complete his first semester at George Washington University, pretty much has all other… Read More

Georgetown’s own Mark Zuckerberg?

Time to bust out your “Peers Who Are Already More Successful Than I Ever Will Be” list and add the name Catherine Cook (MSB ’11). She hasn’t even started her sophomore year yet, but Forbes is writing about… Read More