Vox will have reduced posting during finals

Well, finals have arrived. And that means that Vox will be posting less often and less regularly because yes, she has to do homework sometimes too. She knows you’re just in total denial at this point, but don’t worry, Vox… Read More

Surviving Finals: Vox‘s favorite study spots

Don’t panic. Finals may be just around the corner, but there’s still a whole weekend and the first few study days between now and then. Whether you plan on moving your mattress into Lau tonight until the morning… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: You give Lau a bad name

There is no place for fashion in Lau, especially during finals week. Kathy and her shower shoes are a direct testament. Cameron H made the common mistake of assuming that a Bollywood film could be shorter than 9… Read More

Poll: How do you feel about the commencement speakers?

Vox‘s favorite study spots for final exams

With finals fast approaching and Lauinger reaching capacity every night, Vox has put together a list of some of Georgetown’s other, better places to study this finals season (not including the place we want to keep secret for… Read More

Get your Cinco de Mayo on, Georgetown style

Looking for yet-another excuse to delay your finals studying? As it happens, Cinco de Mayo (aka that American-excuse-to-act-drunken-and-ridiculous holiday) is upon us. For those desperate to get out of Lau, be sure to check out: 12 PM –… Read More

Finals 2011: Escape from Lau edition

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published last year.] We know you’ve already started studying, which puts you miles ahead of most of us here at Vox. But here’s a couple tips for places to go if you… Read More

Verizon Center’s heightened security for Wiz, not Hoyas

3 p.m. update: No Obama tonight. But we all got pat downs anyway! Original post: Minutes ago, we got a strange email that urged us to arrive “at least 45 minutes earlier than you normally would” for tomorrow’s… Read More