Prince Charles and fiesty foodies at sustainability conference

Get the flash player here: Photos by Max Blodgett Kicking off the “Future of Food” conference in Gaston Hall on Wednesday, Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, expressed his disappointment with the Washington Post-sponsored event. “I wish more… Read More

Get your grub on at Restaurant Week

Tired of  Wisey’s, or Booey’s, or Wingo’s? Try something new for cheaper than usual this week. The 17th annual Restaurant Week is bringing deals to over 200 restaurants in the DC-area. Participating restaurants are offering three course lunches… Read More

Muncheez Mania: A crêperie with a personality disorder

The world of Georgetown restaurants is cut-throat. From cupcakes to kabobs, most end up in ruthless competition with at least one rival. (Think Chipotle vs. Qdoba, Georgetown Cupcake vs. Baked & Wired, or Wingo’s vs. Wing Co.) The… Read More

Half-priced food and drinks take over Georgetown, students rejoice

It seems that Georgetown restaurants can’t get enough of college students. More and more establishments now offer half price specials, almost guaranteeing that their lines go out the door on those special days. So, we’ve compiled a list,… Read More

Sophomores bring “Nightly Noms” to Georgetown

Who doesn’t love late-night snacks? We certainly do, but we rarely have enough time to bake our own brownies, cookies, or muffins. Thankfully, somebody at Georgetown is looking out for us. Last semester, Elizabeth Sabol-Jones (COL ’13) launched… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to Leo’s Dining Hall

Below, we’ve re-published Voice Editor Juliana Brint’s 2009 guide to surviving Leo’s. As an introduction to the subject, you may want to watch the Heckler‘s informative “Georgetown Freshmen Education Series: I Know How to Eat!” video. It’s not… Read More

Georgetown Cupcake does not employ cupcake bouncers

Although we really, really wanted NBC Washington‘s story about cupcake bouncers to be true, it isn’t. “Because of the long line, we posted employees outside to greet customers and hand out menus,” Georgetown Cupcake co-owner Sophie LaMontagne said…. Read More

ESPN discovers critical health violations at Verizon Center

According to health inspection reports uncovered by ESPN, every food vendor at the Verizon Center was cited with a “critical” health violation in 2009. At least ten of the vendors were cited by health inspectors for mouse droppings… Read More

Who sells the best wings in Georgetown?

Since Georgetown Wing Co. soft-opened in June, we’ve suffered from crisis of conscience. Do we stay faithful to Wingo’s, or do we start eating at Wing Co.? Unfortunately, we can’t decide for ourselves. So, we recruited some help…. Read More

Free for All: Is the World Cup over yet?

No really, is it? Who needs to watch games when 47 Facebook updates double as play-by-plays? If you’re one of the few Americans who has not succumbed to the belief that soccer is an interesting sport, or if… Read More