Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, Margie

When Georgetown environmental group EcoAction sent out an email Wednesday asking people on their email list to steal apples from Leo’s for a booth at the UNICEF carnival, it must’ve seemed harmless. Who hasn’t taken cookies home for… Read More


(An Occasional Reuben Review) Loeb’s New York Deli 832 15th St. N.W. Loeb’s Reuben is a jungle beast looming on your plate, overstuffed with an unbalanced amount of corned beef. Saeurkraut is sparse but fresh, with a light… Read More


(An Occasional Ruben Review) The Tombs 1226 36th St., NW The Tombs Ruben, appearing at first glance to be a promising subject, rather disappoints. While the bread is initially buttery and crisp, the bottom slice soon becomes a… Read More

Drunk Food on Healy Steps

Hot dogs are something I will only eat when I am drunk—and I mean KRUNK—so thank god that I’m a two-beer-queer and Mustard’s Last Stand is only open from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. The dogs are straight… Read More

Since I Been Gone … Leo’s Edition

Made my first pilgrimage march of tears back to Leo’s today … what a ride. Sure, there are all the changes noted by Mr. Keller, but the first thing I noticed were the new giant blue cups, depicted… Read More