Some news you might have missed while Vox was on break


McCourt gets more attention for his donation Frank McCourt‘s donation of $100 million to Georgetown’s new school of public policy was named the 10th most charitable donation in 2013, tying with 6 others. The list, made by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, was ranked by most money donated, with Mark Zuckerberg‘s $992.2 million to the Silicon […]

McCourt Madness, day one: Academic ceremony held on Old North steps

On the steps of Old North, a formal academic ceremony was held on Tuesday to celebrate the opening of the newest addition to Georgetown University, the McCourt School of Public Policy. At 4 p.m., the ceremony began with a stately processional, including the faculty of the McCourt School of Public Policy, and was followed by […]

Comments of the Week: Vox doesn’t know what we’re yelling about

Last week, Vox got excited about the new satellite Ben’s Chili Bowl in Rosslyn, listened in when Frank McCourt (COL ’75) described his record-setting $100 million gift to Georgetown, and attended Warren Buffett‘s rad talk in Gaston Hall. Eric took issue with Vox‘s description of the new Ben’s Chili Bowl as a “satellite” location that would go along nicely with […]

Voicebox: You know, Frank McCourt’s a little dodgy

Join Sports Editor Chris Almeida (COL ’16), and Assistant Sports Editors Chris Castano (COL ’16), Brendan Crowley (COL ’16), and Joe Pollicino (COL ’16) this week to discuss Frank McCourt’s (COL ’75) management of the Dodgers, Paul White committing to play for Georgetown next year, and Chinanu Onuaku’s visit to Georgetown this upcoming weekend. Have […]

Georgetown announces the McCourt School for Public Policy as the University’s newest school

In an email to the Georgetown University community, President Jack DeGioia announced the creation of the McCourt School for Public Policy as the University’s ninth school. Named after Frank H. McCourt (COL ’75), the new school is made possible by McCourt’s $100 million donation, the largest gift in the school’s history. For those of you […]

You’ve been a bad, bad Hoya: We’re talkin’ baseball edition

When it comes to the owners of sports teams, Georgetown has been able to cultivate both the good and the villainous. For the latter group, look no further than Frank McCourt (COL ’75), owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his ex-wife, Jamie McCourt (COL ’75). As a Dodgers fan, I’ve watched (and quietly wept) as […]