Business frat to sell Georgetown-themed Silly Bandz

Alpha Kappa Psi, one of Georgetown’s two business-related fraternities, began selling Georgetown-themed Silly Bandz this week. The shapes of these unholy pieces of rubber? An outline of Jack the Bulldog and the Georgetown “G.” Four-packs of the of… Read More

Laundry detergent + GW frat = disaster

Warning: Do not mix with GW frat boys The geniuses at GW’s Pi Kappa Alpha decided it would be fun to lubricate their Slip n’ Slide with laundry detergent this weekend.  Now, generally speaking, detergent and skin don’t… Read More

Is the Kappa Hop Georgetown’s Smoot?

If you’re a Georgetown student, chances are that at some time you’ve walked by the “265 Kappa Hops” message taped on the sidewalk of the Key Bridge’s D.C. side. Like me, you’d probably never given it much thought…. Read More