GUSA brings back Collegiate Readership Program

Just when you thought the world was going crazy, The Collegiate Readership program is back. As of today, students will again have access to copies of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today on a… Read More

GUSA Round-up: GUSA passes comprehensive club funding reform, defends your right to pizza

One of the lesser-known inalienable rights FUNDING REFORM – THE BIG ONE: On¬†Sunday afternoon, GUSA passed a resolution threatening to withhold student activity fee funding from advisory boards, like SAC, that do not achieve six new reforms. First,… Read More

Student leaders exploring Washington Post offer for free newspaper program

After the demise of the free newspaper program early this year, student leaders have been pushing to bring the Washington Post back to campus, according to Will Cousino (SFS ’12) of Interhall. Cousino, GUSA Vice President Jason Kluger… Read More

Two offers on the table for free newspaper program

Promising news for print journalism fans: although the Collegiate Readership Program, which provided free newspapers on campus, was suspended this year due to lack of funding, there are two replacement offers on the table. Members of GUSA, the… Read More

The results of GUSA’s summer survey

Survey Says… GUSA has compiled the results of their “Omnibus Student Survey,” the summer survey which polled the student body on¬†everything from GUSA’s structure, student diversity, and GUTS buses, to student safety, academics, and the free newspaper program… Read More

Free newspaper program suspended due to inadequate funding

So long, Collegiate Readership Program… Georgetown is no longer participating in the Collegiate Readership Program, which provides free copies of the New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today on college campuses, due to inadequate funding, the… Read More

Free newspapers for everyone! (Finally!)

A year after GUSA Prez Ben Shaw and Veep Matt Appenfeller pledged to get free newspapers on campus and a month after the planned date for their Georgetown debut, the papers have finally arrived on campus. Sleek tan… Read More

I think GUSA’s all right, but … where are the free newspapers?

When Ben Shaw and Matt Appenfeller ran for president and vice-president of GUSA, their promise of free newspapers melted my heart. When I visited Holy Cross in high school, their stacks of New York Times and Washington Post… Read More