GUSA wraps up the first theme of What’s a Hoya? program

On Friday, GUSA concluded its ‘Women and Men for Others’ program, the first of three themes in its What’s a Hoya? program. The program rewards freshmen with housing points for showing up to educational seminars that are intended to be an extension of New Student Orientation. A total of 596 freshmen registered to attend, representing around […]

The Lord of the Things: Ten tips to get you through freshman year

Oh, the first couple weeks of freshman year. What a glorious time, full of new experiences, new people, and getting horribly lost in the ICC. It’s a time for exploration and discovering who you are, all while finding your destiny and figuring out how to use the printers in Lau.  Maybe all this new stuff […]

Extended deadline: What would you tell the freshmen?

Do you ever think to yourself, “Damn, two years ago, I was an idiot”? Like many people, I do often. So the Voice thought, “What if we assembled everyone’s stories in an attempt to get the freshman class to avoid some common pitfalls?” And so we look to you, dear reader, to help us broaden our […]

Coming to the Hilltop: Reggie Cameron, freshman forward from New Jersey

It is well known that the 2012-2013 Hoyas were a young team. With no seniors, technically, the men’s basketball roster for the 2013-2014 season would have no changes. However, going into last season, most of us knew that Otto Porter Jr. would likely be leaving the team for the NBA. As a result, Georgetown did […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: A tale of two buildings

Darnall Hall, awakened from a long slumber by hordes of stampeding freshmen, once again takes to the twittersphere, but this time with an entire chorus of singers behind it to the Sound of Music. Joining other tweeting pieces of infrastructure, the Healy Clock Tower offers some encouragement since its clock hands were stolen last year.

Prefroshes say the darndest things

With another year come and gone, many are looking to the future. The days of SAT, AP, and GAAP may be behind us all, but Vox has descended into the bowels of Georgetown-related Facebook pages to see what the incoming class has to offer. Courtesy of prefroshes with a sense of humor is our newest […]

GUTV to film an all-freshman reality show

In what we can only assume will be can’t-miss television, GUTV plans to film a reality show about freshmen. “Our reality show will follow five or six incoming freshmen through their first year at Georgetown—from budding relationships, roommate problems, to finding a place for themselves in an entirely new environment.” co-producer Alison Doyle (SFS ’13) […]

Prefrosh Preview: CHARMing the freshmen (Hi, Class of 2014!)

We’re about a third of the way through the summer. That means BBQs, beach trips, humidity, and, above all else, the rise of pre-frosh networking on Facebook. You’ve been there. Adding everyone in the ‘Georgetown Class Of…’ group, chatting with kids you actually think will be your friends once you get on campus (and with […]

Georgetown rising in Victoria’s Secret ranks, thanks to the Class of 2013

Victoria’s Secret is expanding their Pink Collegiate Collection—because really what your lingerie is missing is a college logo!—and they’re doing so democratically. To decide which 25 schools will be added to the collection, they’ve opened it up to the internet, allowing students to vote for their school. Not even on campus yet and already showing […]

Garnier Fructis promoters party on Harbin Patio

Does she rock her style or what? Yesterday afternoon, students on five different dorm floors emerged from their rooms to find that somebody had placed baskets of Garnier Fructis products in front of every door and set up bountiful swag displays in their bathrooms. It caused a real stir. When news got around that there […]

A new Georgetown Housing cycle, a new snafu

The thieving nine! Housing teases again. This time, they accidentally amped up the selection numbers of nine students hoping to live in Georgetown suites and apartments. The students were freshmen in the SNHS, a two-year nursing program, and their enrollment in this program caused Housing to rank them as if they were in the class […]