A new Georgetown Housing cycle, a new snafu

The thieving nine! Housing teases again. This time, they accidentally amped up the selection numbers of nine students hoping to live in Georgetown suites and apartments. The students were freshmen in the SNHS, a two-year nursing program, and… Read More

The Post tries to give advice to freshmen; hilarity ensues

The Washington Post is good at a lot of things: Pulitzer Prize-winning Joshua Bell articles, investigative series on the kind of people who shoot their friends in the face, and reliable coverage of one of the worst teams… Read More

12 answers to class of ’12 questions

Hey, class of 2012. If you’re hungry for any information you can get about Georgetown, this is your blog. Vox Populi is the next evolutionary stage of Georgetown’s weekly paper, the Voice. We’ll be having a big freshman… Read More

The Independent explains how to be a freshman at a make-believe university

How did The Independent, which actually trumpets its objectivity in its name, become the blindest Georgetown booster this side of GAAP weekend? I don’t know how the eventual popular history book about Georgetown newspapers will answer that question,… Read More

Frosh Watch ’12 continues: watch out, J. Chau

Looks like Jennifer Chau has got some competition. Joining that angsty salutatorian in the incoming class will be one Sean Kensil (MSB ’12), the valedictorian at King Low Heywood Thomas School in Stamford, Connecticut. Chau’s already proved that… Read More

Subversive salutatorian Jennifer Chau coming to Georgetown

Meet Jennifer Chau (above), incoming Georgetown freshman and slighted salutatorian.  Chau caused a stir at her New Jersey high school graduation when she ditched her approved speech and publicly accused school administrators of favoritism in selecting the valedictorian…. Read More

Welcome Freshmen

The class of 2011 has arrived, and we went out to meet them.