The GUSA FinApp committee drafts budget for funding boards

The Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriations Committee has drafted a budget for the fiscal year 2010 allocation of the Student Activities Fee. Here is the breakdown of the draft budget, along with comments made by the FinApp Committee explaining the draft allocation amounts: The Georgetown Programming Board requested $45,000 and the FinApp Committee […]

GUSA Roundup: Quirky Inaugural Edition

This week’s Georgetown University Student Association meeting featured an irksome inauguration (just like Obama’s!) and tear-jerking eulogies to Philly P’s. Here’s the wrap: Inaugurations: GUSA swore in the newly-reelected President and Vice President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11)—perhaps extraconstitutionally? “There is a curious little quirk of the by-laws which requires the […]

A recap of last night’s GUSA Town Hall on funding reform

Given the kind of concerned, accusatory letters some advisory board leaders sent in the last week, the town hall that the Georgetown University Student Association hosted last night to shed additional light on its proposed funding reforms was surprisingly quiet. A few students grudgingly observed that they didn’t think GUSA had enough knowledge about the […]

The SAC Chair and CSJ e-mails about GUSA’s six suggested reforms, and the FinAp Committee’s response to SAC

On Thursday, Vox published a letter that Student Activities Commission Chair Ethel Amponsah (NHS ’11) had sent to student club leaders challenging the various funding reforms the Georgetown University Student Association is working to enact. In her e-mail, she referenced another letter she had sent to GUSA specifically addressing the six reforms GUSA had said […]

SAC Chair e-mails club leaders promising to fight proposed GUSA reforms

In response to the legislation to reform the Funding Board that the Georgetown University Student Association will soon consider, Student Activity Commission Chair Ethel Amponsah (NHS ’11) has sent the letter reproduced below to student club leaders. In it, she emphasizes that there is legislation to eliminate the votes Advisory Board chairs who sit on […]

Funding Board approves GUSA Fund, but advisory boards fight to keep their votes

These little piggies want to keep their votes When the Funding Board reconvened yesterday after the board’s contentious meeting two weeks ago, it approved the GUSA Fund once GUSA agreed to amend its request of $30,000 and instead ask for $26,000 from the general Funding Board reserve. GUSA now plans to provide $4,000 from its […]

Vox‘s guide to GUSA’s club funding overhaul

Get the flash player here: GUSA’s quest to completely restructure the funding of student activities at Georgetown can get a little confusing, so Vox has whipped up a guide to the motivations for and alleged effects of GUSA’s activities. Above are the responses to the survey GUSA Senators have cited as part of their […]

Funding board leaders roundly reject GUSA Fund

The planned GUSA Fund would make it rain Leaders from all six advisory boards voted against creating the GUSA Fund at a Funding Board meeting today, but the Finance and Appropriations Committee will still be able to pass the GUSA Fund through the Funding Board without their approval. At the meeting, advisory board leaders voiced […]

GUSA drafts bill to give itself complete control of Student Activities Fee allocation

Looks like the war between GUSA and the Student Activities Commission is heating up: The Voice has obtained the draft of a bill (below) that proposes to give GUSA complete control over the entire Student Activities Fee. Currently, the Student Activities Fee is administered by GUSA’s Finance and Appropriation Committee and six funding boards: Media […]

GUSA Senate approves long-anticipated GUSA Fund, giving clubs a way to circumnavigate SAC

After years of clashing with SAC and bandying about the possibility of GUSA-sponsored club funding, the GUSA Senate passed a bill yesterday afternoon creating a GUSA Fund which will allow GUSA to provide an alternative mode of funding for clubs. Longtime SAC-critic Nick Troiano (COL ’11—Village A A-D) introduced the bill, which would create “the […]

Funding Board doles out cash, sends IRC directly to jail

As if it grows on trees Last night’s annual Funding Board meeting concluded with a slap in the face for the International Relations Club and GPB, GUSA, and SAC making out like Rich Uncle Pennybags. In the end, the Funding Board had over $116,000 left over in reserve funds. Even after having made what I […]