Washington City Paper to computerless District dwellers: Steal GU’s internet!

Pegged to the story of Eric Sheptock, a homeless man in D.C. who has blogged about homeless issues all the way to CNN, NPR, and the Washington Post, the Washington City Paper has put together a guide of… Read More

$9,480 worth of equipment stolen from Gelardin

$9,480 worth of equipment was stolen from the Gelardin New Media Center’s Production Studio, according to Metropolitan Police Department records obtained by the Voice. The theft occurred sometime between 8 p.m. on Monday, May 18 and 11 a.m…. Read More

Gelardin trusts you 6 times more than it did last semester

In a move that didn’t generate nearly as much excitement as it deserved to, whoever runs Gelardin New Media Center decided recently that DVDs, VHSes, and CDs can be checked out for a full 24 hours. You’d expect… Read More

Gelardin New Media Center stocks rooster snuff films

The Gelardin New Media Center’s video collection is alternately stultifying (Doing Business in South Korea) or academically questionable (Kingdom of Heaven). Buried in the DVD list, though, there’s a happy compromise: Cockfighters: The Interviews. Cockfighters answers the question,… Read More