Students tackle issue of gender identity by cross dressing administrators in photos

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If you have walked past the ICC this morning, you might have noticed certain posters that differ from the typical Red Square fare. These are result of a student project spearheaded by Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) and Giuliana Cucci (a stage name), which aims to engage the Georgetown community on gender identity and expression issues as […]

Geena Davis talks gender inequality in the media in Hariri

At some point in her life, just about every girl dreams of being an actress, lighting up the silver screen in daring and glamorous roles.  But in her presentation in the Hariri building yesterday, Academy-Award winner Geena Davis explained why, in this age, such aspirations are very difficult to achieve. The McDonough School of Business […]

The way we were: In 1966, nursing students fight to keep girls’ dorms dry

The GUNS girls would not approve… Editor’s Note: In this week’s cover story, Molly Redden reported on Georgetown’s sordid, besotted past. In her research, she found some interesting insights into Georgetown’s gender relations in the mid-1960s. This week’s cover story identifies 1966 as the start of two decades of outright debauchery at Georgetown, that being […]

Examining the gender breakdown of Georgetown’s administrative and academic leadership

In the past Vox has analyzed the gender breakdown of GUSA candidates, but we figured it was about time to take a look at the composition of a slightly more powerful group: Georgetown’s major administrators and academic program heads. Although City Paper‘s The Sexist blog named us the Manliest of the Thinkers in its Manliest […]