MPD sends out bad but giggle-worthy Crime Summaries

MPD: Bass Ackwards. It’s not often you can chuckle at something that poses a mild threat to your safety. But you can’t help but laugh at the befuddling new crime summaries MPD 2D has begun sending members of its listserv, which almost seemed designed to keep you in the dark about the criminal goings-on in […]

George the Third is dead, long live the king

With this post, it’s possible that Vox covered Georgetown’s late Gossip-girl more regularly than George the Third posted in its lifetime. Well, we can stop now. George is dead, whether by its creator’s absence from campus to study abroad, her boredom, or general mediocrity. Steely Dan’s “Kings” tells us that in these situations, it’s best […]

Is time of death Nov. 18th for George the Third?

Where did she go? Maybe she’ll never tell. Having put Vox on holiday hiatus, I thought we could start off the year with a hypocritical bang: after all, a more pressing question then ‘Who’s George the Third?‘ has become ‘Where’s George the Third?’ Right now, things don’t look promising. As early as December, an attempt […]

Long live the king, for now: George the Third finally gets good

Aspiring Georgetown gossip blog George the Third has finally started earning its arch tone. When we found George last month, he was busy squandering his promise (“the essence of the Vanity Fair campus”) on writing about Sarah Palin and leggings. Halloween has reinvigorated George, though. The jewel in his crown are two pictures that seem to show […]

Georgetown gets its own gossip girl

This year has seen an onslaught of new Georgetown blogs—starting with Saxa Speak, then the Hoya‘s newest venture, Outside the Gates, and the Independent’s The Daily Monthly, plus the return of The Progressive—but I’m willing to bet that I’ve found the most fabulous, zeitgeist-y one: George the Third. It’s an anonymous blog based on the […]