Morning Digest: Oprah, Kehoe field, and cake pops

     Today is another rainy day with a muggy high of 82. To masticate today: Teen dead in Rock Creek: 15-year-old Joshua Davis was found dead in Rock Creek Park on Tuesday. Early reports venture that he was hit by a falling tree while cycling on Rock Creek trails. Police suggest that storms Monday […]

Georgetown Cupcake briefly evacuated after suspicious odor

Flee! Customers and employees of Georgetown Cupcake were briefly evacuated from the store’s M street location after people inside smelled something other than the sweet smells of baked goods and overdone stardom. Fortunately, the smell didn’t originate inside the store, but rather from a manhole explosion about two blocks away on the 1000 block of […]

Tax lien filed against Georgetown Cupcake: Bakery gets its just desserts

Update, Sunday: The lien against the company has since been released less than a day after it was levied. Original post: Georgetown Cupcake, which has happily provided the D.C. area with high calorie snacks and general happiness for the modest price of $5 since 2008, has recently found itself at odds with the taxman. According […]

Free For All: Kicking off the summer, affordable-style

Free stuff is great, whether it’s t-shirts of groups we have no intention of joining or left-over GUGS veggie burgers, we’ll take it! Vox is starting off the summer to remind you of the usual free delights you can find around campus. From froyo to free soda Cupcakes are still trending. Let’s start with our friendly […]

The anatomy of a Georgetown Cupcake line

Get the flash player here: It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re headed down M Street, and there’s a massive line outside of Georgetown Cupcake. You’re probably wondering, “Who are these people and why are they willing to stand in that line? Are they fans of D.C. Cupcakes? Are they even from D.C.? Had these customers […]

Georgetown Cupcake does not employ cupcake bouncers

Although we really, really wanted NBC Washington‘s story about cupcake bouncers to be true, it isn’t. “Because of the long line, we posted employees outside to greet customers and hand out menus,” Georgetown Cupcake co-owner Sophie LaMontagne said. “I don’t know about this whole bouncer rumor. They’re sixteen-year old girls!” The alleged bouncers, originally spotted […]

Pre-frosting Preview: DC Cupcakes

If you haven’t had your fill of D.C.-centric reality food shows, then make sure to clear your plans for tonight. At 10 p.m. EST, TLC will premiere its six-part series “DC CUPCAKES” with back-to-back episodes. The show follows Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, sisters originally from Toronto who opened local hotspot Georgetown Cupcake on Valentine’s […]

Georgetown Cupcake reality show, Cupcake Sisters, starts filming

Update 12:19 p.m.: Commenters are right—Vox took a walk down to Georgetown Cupcake and there are camera crews there already. But Vox thinks it may be a stretch to call this a reality show the same caliber as, say, Real World—owners Kallinis and LaMontagne are being asked to repeat their conversations several times before the […]

Georgetown Cupcake is getting its own reality TV show

Bake and Wired may be gaining grassroots support in the Ward 2 cupcake wars, but so what? Sisters Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne, who started Georgetown Cupcake just about two years ago, are getting their own reality TV series. Local blog DC Fab! says that the show “will be an educational, how-to show that will […]

Georgetown Cupcake triumphs over Baked & Wired in NBC face-off

NBC Washington has been hosting a series of face-offs to award local superlatives—the best live music venue, best people-watching spot, best pizza, etc.—and they finally got around to addressing the real big conflict: who has the best cupcakes in Georgetown, Baked & Wired or Georgetown Cupcake? Both cupcakeries put up a strong fight, but ultimately […]

Georgetown Cupcake moving to M Street

After a little more than a year and a half at their Potomac Street location, Georgetown Cupcake is relocating a block away to M Street, according to the Washington Post. The new flagship shop will be less cramped than their current digs and will allow for sit-down seating. They’ll also be opening a new outpost […]