Senior Class Committee chair fires back at Georgetown Day critics

In a lengthy email to the senior class late last night, Senior Class Committee chair Chris Butterfield (MSB ’12) defended the controversial decisions of the Georgetown Day planning committee. Butterfield placed the responsibility for the scaled-back nature of the event… Read More

Administration to barricade Copley Lawn on Georgetown Day

Friday is not Georgetown Day. On Friday, there will be free food and drinks, an awards ceremony, and performances by various student groups, but it will not be Georgetown Day. In an email to the student body that… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Makin’ it rain on Georgetown Day

Instead of lamenting the loss of the Beer Garden, Alex Free realizes that every little thing we actually do get on Georgetown Day is a gift. Alexander Olesker notes that since God is no longer caught up in… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Loose ends and tight wallets

Yesterday, the Georgetown University Student Association Senate tied up some loose ends from last week’s meeting, including, passing electoral reform laws, the FY13 budget, and the executive cabinet. One of the few new items at the meeting the… Read More

Comments of the Week: An iron curtain has fallen over Georgetown

Last week, Vox commenters were up in arms over the administration’s scaling back of Georgetown Day. Concerned Senior exhorted the senior class to never surrender its Solo cups! A message to the Class of 2012: Even though large tracts… Read More

This Week in the Voice: March 22, 2012

In this week’s feature, hopefully summer is still a couple months away, because it’s time for spring fashion! If vibrant patterns are fashion statements, then their absence can create an equally distinctive look. Solid-colored slacks, skirts, and tops… Read More

How Georgetown Day lost the beer garden and inflatables

Today the Hoya reported the unfortunate news that Georgetown Day 2012 will not have a beer garden or any inflatables, such as a bounce house or obstacle course (pictured left). According to the Hoya, Senior Class Committee chair Chris… Read More

Campus Crime Watch: Georgetown Day Blues

View Campus Crime Watch: 27-29 April 2011 in a larger map Maybe DPS caught finals fever, or maybe there’s just been a lot going down. In any case, they didn’t find time to update the crime report past… Read More

Vox Talks: Georgetown Day 2011

Vox wishes you a happy, boozy Georgetown Day

It’s the last Friday of April, the weatherman is predicting a gorgeous, sunny day with a high of 67, and we can all rest easy that Will and Kate are finally married. You know what that all means?… Read More