Vox Talks: What are you doing on Georgetown Day?

@GUDay2011 makes us yearn for April, Georgetown Day

This morning, the University posted its first message on the official Georgetown Day Twitter account, @GUDay2011. Is it too early to think about Georgetown Day? Maybe. Are we bitter because D.C. is on the verge of a cold,… Read More

Georgetown Day schedule release: What’re the highlights?

As anyone who hasn’t spent the last month in the lower level of Lau knows, tomorrow is Georgetown Day, the day when the entire University comes together to throw the biggest party of the year on the Hilltop…. Read More

University releases a Georgetown Day alcohol policy

Oh, Georgetown Day. It’s a time for sunshine, carnival rides, and of course, rampant drinking—until now. “Georgetown Day Event Policies,” a list of rules outlining some no-no’s, was posted on the Georgetown Day website last night. (The document… Read More

A new Georgetown Day tradition: Puke up Wingo’s for a cause

Joel Ziebel (COL ’10) wants to know: are you “Interested in chowing down on some Wingo’s buffalo wings, downing Red Bull, representing your student organization on Georgetown Day, competing against other Hoyas and faculty, and doing it all… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Imbibing by the Blessed Mother, high-profile Red Square run-ins

So, Twitter. Yeah, we don’t really get it either. But we have one and we’re trying! ‘Cause microblogging is the future! Or whatever. Anyway, despite its tendency to bring out the ultra-self-involved in all of us, Twitter does… Read More

The Week in Photos: Why isn’t every day Georgetown Day?

Photography by Helen Burton, Lexie Herman, and Hilary Nakasone

The Provost’s not-so-subtle attempts at making this an alcohol-free Georgetown Day

Georgetown Day 2009, brought to you by the Temperance Movement The typical understanding of Georgetown Day is that it goes along with sobriety in the same way oil goes along with water, peace goes along with the Middle… Read More

Georgetown Day still owns the front lawn

Safe at last! Back in February, a rumor that the University had rescheduled Georgetown Day for the first Thursday in April took the campus by storm and absolutely infuriated students. Three days after the rumor first picked up… Read More

The Man damned, Georgetown Day saved!

Looks like the power of the internet can, in fact, be used for good.  Witness the email soon to be sent out to undergraduates from the Provost: Dear Fellow Hoyas, I’m happy to announce that the Main Campus… Read More