Ye olde Thanksgiving at Georgetown University

Get the flash player here: [Editor's Note: This post was originally published last year.] Thanksgiving dinners and football may be proud American traditions, but nowadays, they don’t figure very heavily into life at Georgetown. That wasn’t always the case. Students used to celebrate Thanksgiving Day all together on campus (forget skipping your Wednesday classes) […]

On the Record: Georgetown and the racial identity of President Patrick Healy

Matt Sheptuck (COL ’10) is an American Studies major writing his senior thesis, which explores how Georgetown University has perceived Jesuit Father Patrick Healy’s racial identity over the years. In his research Sheptuck found that Healy, whom many of us know as the first African-American President of Georgetown and one of the first black presidents […]

Time warp: Georgetown has been miscounting Commencements for at least 77 years

The 210th 192nd Georgetown College Commencement ceremony Newly minted College grads were probably congratulated a few dozen times on being the 210th graduating class. It’s a nice sentiment, but, unfortunately, it’s not factually accurate. The problem is that the University’s been miscounting the number of graduating classes for at least 77 years. Georgetown history buff […]