Missed Connections: Oh, Deer!

For Missed Connections’ final post of 2011, we ask you, dear readers, what do Tim Tebow, Vox Populi and “a mature, handsome buck” have in common? One rather haughty lady eating with her mother at “Leopold’s Kafe” wants… Read More

Missed Connections: Just want some Brooks Brothers lovin’

Sometimes on Missed Connections, you don’t get what you’re looking for. And sure enough…

Missed Connections: Building a home inside your hair

This Halloween edition of Missed Connections is scary as only Missed Connections can be. Some people don’t need Halloween as an excuse to be creepy.

Missed Connections: Asphyxiation edition

Although we only have one missed connection this week, it will TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY. I mean, you probably didn’t notice I was following you, right? Isn’t that discrete?

Missed Connections: Misuse of ellipses is so sexy

This week’s Missed Connections is very … He was probably too “… whatever” to say hi in person then.

Missed Connections: There she is, Miss Sweetgreen

This week’s Missed Connections is full of all sorts of colorful characters. Worst pick-up line ever?

Missed Connections: Finding love in retail outlets

It’s missed Connections Friday! Restoring your faith in humanity right before the weekend. Because if you’re wearing the same cardigan, it must be true love.

Missed Connections: Signed, sealed, delivered

This week in Missed Connections, we meet three hopeful Georgetowners who had no actual interaction with their subjects. Might sound a little off, but then again, this is the Internet age. Because, as proven by Edward Cullen, girls… Read More

Missed Connections: Very classy ladies

This week, more could’ve-been-cute almost-meets from the lonely residents of Georgetown. I don’t know about you guys, but when my friends are “being emotionally supportive to” me, I prefer that they’re not also eying a pretty brunette across the… Read More

Missed Connections: Breaking in the new lot with some quake n’ shake

Welcome, dear freshmen, to the return of Missed Connections! For those of you just joining us, we here at Vox (specifically, me) enjoy taking a few moments out of our day to acknowledge those whose romantic lives have… Read More