MSNBC host Mika Brzezkinski “mugged” on the rough streets of Georgetown

Joe Scarborough got extra-blustery on Morning Joe yesterday about co-host Mika Brzezinski getting “mugged” while standing outside the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. And by “mugged” Joe means some guy asked her for $20, she gave him six and he… Read More

No plans for Georgetown Apple store

Pentagon City’s Apple store. Get acquainted. Georgetown students hoping that they could stop trekking to Pentagon City to get their Mac fix are out of luck, at least for a little longer. Apple bought store space a year… Read More

Magis Row: Living Learning Communities in townhouses

Magus Row Next year, Georgetown students will be able to live in townhouses with people who share their interests in a living and learning community called Magis Row: YOU will have the opportunity to create and live within… Read More

Bikers don’t like crashes; I don’t like scratches

The riverfront pathway in Georgetown is a great place for bikers – unless you are a pedestrian. The other day I had planned on taking a leisurely walk along the Potomac from Georgetown University to the Kennedy Center…. Read More

Georgetownforum has delicate eyes

Georgetown’s neighborhood listserv, georgetownforum, is generally pretty dull: most of the messages are requests for plumber recommendations or notices about boring university events. Every so often, though, they’ll come out with a spectacular gem of unfounded cantankerousness that… Read More

Georgetown a “walker’s paradise”

Green is good and red is bad Walkscore recently rated Washington the country’s 12th 7th most walkable city, with Georgetown barely breaking into the “walker’s paradise” category. What the ratings can’t show, of course, is how darn unwalkable… Read More