Burleith: The idyllic little neighborhood that you’re ruining

On Wednesday night, Burleith residents crowded into a tiny classroom in the Washington International School, there to hear to a presentation by members of the Burleith Citizens Association about “why the Georgetown campus plan is bad for Burleith,”… Read More

Upcoming community meetings on Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan

On our last few posts about the 2010 Campus Plan and the Georgetown Neighborhood, a few student commenters have said that students need to show up in greater numbers to the community meetings that organizations the Citizens’ Association… Read More

A wrap-up of the CAG meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2

Earlier today, we ran a post about the general sentiment that the Citizens Association of Georgetown and residents feel toward the 2010 Campus Plan draft that the University presented in November, as shown in the first public meeting… Read More

A wrap-up of the CAG meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 1

On Monday night, the Citizens Association of Georgetown held its first public meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan since the final draft of the plan came out last Fall. And even though a lot of what was said… Read More

Jake Sticka, who may be your next ANC Commissioner, faces an uphill battle

Georgetown University’s student Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is a tough gig. Our commissioner doesn’t have many—or any—allies on the issues that matter most to students. If our commissioner is voting in our interest, he or she is probably voting… Read More

Georgetown announces community meeting for final draft of 2010 Campus Plan

Well, it wasn’t the late January or early February date they had hoped for. But the 2010 Campus Plan steering committee has announced the last community meeting it will hold regarding the 2010 Campus Plan before it files… Read More

Georgetown crime rate lower in 2010 compared to first quarter of 2009

Despite the scary rash of robberies and burglaries that have hit Georgetown in the last month, crime in the first three months of 2010 is actually down dramatically compared to the first three months of 2009. Here are… Read More

Stephanopoulos sells Georgetown home for a scant $5.45 million

Good Morning America‘s new anchor is starting life in a new house in New York, which means that the Georgetown neighborhood is now short one short celebrity. George Stephanopoulos has just sold his Georgetown home for $5.45 million… Read More

Jennifer Altemus bashes virulent Vox comments in the Current

I hope you’re happy, students of Georgetown. Because remember that string of posts we ran a while back, about how the Citizens Association of Georgetown, led by President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), was raising funds to defeat portions… Read More

GWU students dismay Georgetown residents, too

Residents of East Georgetown typically don’t partake in Georgetown student-bashing or get involved in the major campaigns against University expansion in any form. They’re just too far away from our noise, trash, and general aura to care. But… Read More