Professor’s study on China’s nuclear arsenal draws heated reaction

For the last three years, Georgetown professor Phillip Karber, with his undergraduate students, assembled a lengthy study concerning China’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. After a Washington Post story published two weeks ago suggested that Karber and his team would… Read More

In letter, GU professors urge Obama to support Egyptian revolution

Yesterday, four Georgetown academics–Samer Shehata, Steven Heydemann, Hesham Sallam, and John Voll–encouraged President Barack Obama to throw his support behind a week-long uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. “As political scientists, historians, and researchers in related fields who… Read More

GU Law Professor Martin D. Ginsburg passes away at 78

Georgetown University Law Professor Martin D. Ginsburg, who was considered one of the foremost U.S. tax law experts, died on Sunday at age 78. Professor Ginsburg had taught with the GU Law faculty since 1980 when his wife,… Read More

Georgetown Law professor to head oil spill commission

Another Lazarus has been raised; not from the dead this time, but from the Georgetown University Law Center. Richard Lazarus, the Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Professor of Law and co-director of the Supreme Court Institute, has been… Read More