The champion of Georgetown YouTube Madness is…

After almost three months of voting, we’ve finally come to the end of Georgetown YouTube Madness. Vox is proud to announce, after thoroughly scientific polling, that the ultimate Georgetown video on all of YouTube is…

Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Finals!

We’re finally at the finals of Georgetown YouTube Madness, and it’s up to you to decide who will take the crown: Vote in a Box, former GUSA execs Ben Shaw (COL ’08) and Matt Appenfeller’s (COL ’08) ingenious campaign video, or Living Wage 101, Solidarity’s living wage primer! Vote in a Box Living Wage 101 […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Semifinals

We’re getting down to the final rounds of Georgetown YouTube Madness.  Last week, Living Wage 101 narrowly beat out Georgetown beats UNC and Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room trounced Lessons Learned: The Character of Georgetown Athletics. With that settled, we’re finally at the semifinals! Semifinal #1: Vote in a Box v. Georgetown Girl […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Quarterfinals (pt. 2)!

In last week’s installation of Georgetown YouTube Madness, Ben Shaw and Matt Appenfeller’s “Vote in a Box” beat out Christopher Hitchens’ speech and The Chimes’ “Georgetown Girl” triumphed over the Class of 2008′s “Georgetown Forever” photo montage. Now we’ve got to settle the second half of the bracket! Quarterfinal #3: Georgetown Beats UNC v. Living […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Quarterfinals!

In last week‘s Georgetown YouTube Madness bracket, James Kotecki’s dorm room interview of Ron Paul crushed the competition to earn the wild card spot. That means, after two grueling months, we’re finally at the quarterfinals of Georgetown YouTube Madness, ready to see our Elite Eight go head to head.  This week we’ll be dispensing with […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Wild cards

In last week’s category, campus tours, the Class of 2008-made photo montage Georgetown Forever came away with the win. Now we’re on to our final bracket: the wild card round! Here are all the videos that are awesome, but couldn’t quite be categorized. How to get accepted to Georgetown: The key to winning the hearts […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Campus Tours

In last week’s Georgetown YouTube Madness, Solidarity rallied for a win with their Living Wage 101 video. This week, we’ll be reacquainting ourselves with the Hilltop, YouTube style. Georgetown Forever: The Class of 2008 brings you an epic campus photo montage. More nominees, voting and and your chance to nominate videos for our final category, […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Activism

In last week’s Georgetown YouTube Madness bracket, speeches, curmudgeonly atheists narrowly beat out paultards, giving Christopher Hitchens the win over Ron Paul. This week’s category? Activism! Relay for Life Mission Video: Do you know what Relay for Life is? After the jump: the other contenders, voting, and your chance to nominate videos for next week’s […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Speeches

Last week’s winner was Lessons Learned: The Character of Georgetown Athletics. This week’s category is… speeches! Here are the contenders: Barack Obama: President Obama talks about the economy (and how good-looking DeGioia’s son is) in his April 14, 2009 speech. View the other video nominees, vote and make nominations for next week’s category—activism—after the jump!

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Sports (besides basketball)

Last week’s bracket, performances, saw some voting irregularities, but the Chimes’ rendition of “Georgetown Girl” ultimately triumphed. This week we’ll be looking at sports other than basketball (yes, they exist). Inside the Huddle: Hoyas First Game at Citi Field: Highlights from the March 29, 2009 game against St. Johns in which our baseball team broke […]

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Emergency revote!

It seems that something has gone awry with the voting on yesterday’s Georgetown YouTube Madness (there are suddenly about twice as many votes as there are pageviews for that post). So, in the interest of democratic fairness, we’re going to have a re-vote. To refresh your memory, this week’s candidates are: Georgetown Girl by the […]