Georgetown YouTube Madness: Emergency revote!

It seems that something has gone awry with the voting on yesterday’s Georgetown YouTube Madness (there are suddenly about twice as many votes as there are pageviews for that post). So, in the interest of democratic fairness, we’re… Read More

Georgetown YouTube Madness: Performances

In last week’s bracket, basketball, there was some stiff competition, but the video WUSA took of the revelry after 2006’s victory over UNC won with 41 percent of the vote. This week we’ll be judging performances by Georgetown… Read More

Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Basketball bracket

In the first week of Georgetown YouTube Madness, Vote in a Box blew the competition away, garnering 63% of the vote. Now on to our second bracket: basketball! Here are the contenders: Hoya Basketball Pre-Game Video: This pump-up… Read More

Georgetown YouTube Madness: GUSA

Like any good summer slacker, Vox spends plenty of time on YouTube. Which led us to wonder: is there a way to find the ultimate Georgetown YouTube video? With such a lofty goal, we’ve decided to hold the… Read More