Leavey Esplanade, marked for death?

Attending an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting is like watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. You endure the dullness, the conspicuous consumption, and the tantrums for gems that last only one or two minutes. While Tuesday’s meeting didn’t yield a… Read More

Come on, CBS …

Even as I basked in the glow of reflected glory from our beloved Men’s B-Ball team—final four bound—after the game last night, I was left with a question that had irked me from the first half onward. Why,… Read More

$12 on Village A for the Win

Georgetown, no longer content with the traditional housing lottery, has decided to kick things up a notch this year with a real lottery. For just two dollars, students can buy a raffle ticket that gives them a chance… Read More

Georgetown: the new University of Chicago?

Check out this article from last week’s Washington Post Style section. Aside from being total common sense – college students like to have fun? – it also implies that Georgetown is, well, not fun, at least by the… Read More

A t-shirt for a (GUSA) vote

Students voted on the Student Association’s proposed “Accountability and Reform Amendment” today, and quirks in the electoral procedure abounded. Supporters of the amendment, including author and Student Association Deputy Chief of Staff Matt Stoller (COL ’08), spent election… Read More

A Primer for Midnight Madness

As if the expectation weren’t big enough for this year’s men’s basketball team, the hype has already begun for the ’07-’08 season. On Wednesday, Chris Wright, a 6′-1″, 190 pound senior from local St. John’s High School committed… Read More

Our school could beat up your school

Looks like all those hours at Yates finally paid off, as Georgetown ranked 18th in the 2006 “fittest colleges” edition of Men’s Fitness. The rankings were based on a 17-question survey that took into account student diets, life… Read More

College Drinking! It must be stopped!

In recent weeks, much has been made of Georgetown University’s alcohol-related policies. First, there was praise and criticism for AlcoholEdu, the new online education program that all freshmen are required to take. Now, both the Voice and the… Read More

The Hottest Professor, full stop.

No Hottest Professor list would be complete without Ivo Jansen’s name right at the top. The Dutchman came to the U.S. for his MBA and, lucky for us, decided to stay. He is tall, slim, and blonde with… Read More

Crime happens; curfews shouldn’t

After you read the Voice’s editorial about improving DPS training and working conditions after last weekend’s startling events, consider the campus-wide e-mail sent this morning. It seems the university response is: 1. More DPS officers around at night…. Read More