Georgetown’s Hottest Professors

The Voice is pleased to announce an open call for nominations from its readers for the hottest professors you’ve spent hours batting your eyes at in countless dreary seminar rooms and lecture halls. They might be an Eros… Read More

Midnight madness

I was in Healy Circle last night around 1:00, checking out Mustard’s Last Stand, when all of a sudden the sound of police sirens became deafening, and the front gates turned an eerie purple color from the red… Read More

A princely visit to DeGioia

According to the awkwardly translated Bahrain News Agency, the Crown Prince of Bahrain visited campus on Wednesday and met with University President John J. DeGioia. The Bahrainis report that Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa was looking in… Read More

Follow the leader

Is The Hoya‘s editorial board even trying anymore? In yesterday’s top editorial spot, they called for the University to improve technological services, with one of their two main arguments being that we need wireless all over campus. Sound… Read More

A truly conservative charge

I never thought I’d say this, but check out this month’s issue of The Georgetown Federalist, the University’s conservative publication. Despite Editor J.P. Medved’s direct shot at the Voice in his “From the Editor” column, the issue does… Read More

The Art of Kissing: just led us on, never called

We all saw signs around campus; there was a event registration with an RSVP; it was looking to be the hot event of the minute, with the sophisticated and intriguing title, “The Art of Kissing.” Michael Christian,… Read More

Hairy Stairs

The Voice’s long-simmering curiosity about the disgusting lumpy gray hair that seems to grow on the ceilings of stairwells inside campus buildings has reached its peak. Here’s an image of one particularly foul stairwell, straight from Leavey’s fourth… Read More

Since I Been Gone … Leo’s Edition

Made my first pilgrimage march of tears back to Leo’s today … what a ride. Sure, there are all the changes noted by Mr. Keller, but the first thing I noticed were the new giant blue cups, depicted… Read More

The Loneliest Sidewalk

Spirit of Oppression

Georgetown has decided to take further steps to embrace its Catholic identity by ousting private Protestant groups outside of the office of Campus Ministry. It seems that there were “communication and coordination problems” between Georgetown’s official bastion of… Read More