Funding Board doles out cash, sends IRC directly to jail

As if it grows on trees Last night’s annual Funding Board meeting concluded with a slap in the face for the International Relations Club and GPB, GUSA, and SAC making out like Rich Uncle Pennybags. In the end,… Read More

Half of GWU’s Friday Jason Mraz tickets are unsold

Was it the fingernails? GPB beware:  we know we asked for Jason Mraz (seriously?) out of the thirteen artists you said you’d to try to bring to Georgetown, but we college students are more capricious than we appear…. Read More

Tsk, tsk: GPB Spring Concert’s voting results

This guy? Really? I guess if we really wanted our way with the Spring concert, we should’ve used reverse psychology. The results of student voting for the Georgetown Programming Board’s Spring Concert, according to an email from GPB… Read More

Our imaginary GPB Spring Concert wishlist

What, no repeat performance? Apparently sick of hearing people complain about the bands it chooses for its kinda-sorta biannual concert, this semester, the Georgetown Program Board wants YOU to decide who Georgetown will be hosting for the Spring… Read More

Panic! at the GPB

If the crap bands won’t come to Georgetown, Georgetown must go to the crap bands.  So thinks the Georgetown Program Board, anyway.  Not content to simply waste money bringing sub-standard music to Georgetown (Coolio), GPB is branching out. … Read More

You’re not too cool for Coolio

Some people have been acting like they’re not excited about seeing Coolio for free tonight on Harbin Field. Even the What’s After Dark e-mail is taking hospitality cues from Lee Bollinger: “Bear witness to the proud living legacy… Read More

Programming Board lands beloved comedian Caroline Rhea

Is the Programming Board trying to be irrelevant? That’s the only way I can interpret their decision to spend money taking students to see Caroline Rhea (of The Biggest Loser!) before in D.C. I might’ve written off Fountains… Read More