Twuesday Tweetacular: Vox is scared of the apocalypse

Whitney McAniff may not know it, but she experienced the first sign of the imminent 2012 apocalypse. Either the tour guide Sam Kurtz describes had a slip of the tongue, or he is referencing the undocumented 1973 on-campus… Read More

E-mails might reveal a new norovirus culprit, employee banned from kitchen

Was it you, meatballs? I know the norovirus is old news, but the whole Passion of the Organic to Go was just so weird. The University canceled its contract with the reportedly delicious Grab and Go folks even… Read More

Report on Georgetown norovirus: it was Grab n Go, maybe

DC’s Department of Health has released its report (PDF) on the norovirus, and they think it was Grab n Go, but they aren’t sure: In other words, we can state with 95% certainty that those students who purchased… Read More

Food poisoning strikes Grab N Go, shuts down Leo’s

At least 25 Georgetown students were hospitalized late last night after eating at Leo’s dining hall, according to a University broadcast email. Voice writer Vivian Chen was told she was victim number fifteen when she walked into the… Read More

EcoAction to sell sweet reusable Grab & Go bags in Red Square this week

I’ve grumbled about Aramark’s efforts to go green in the past (it’s nothing personal, I just like my milkshakes), but I’ve got nothing but praise for these stylish new Grab & Go bags.  These customized Georgetown bags, made… Read More

Cameras at Grab ‘n’ Go: Probably not going to happen

Excuse the tiresome meme, but a Leo’s employee whose name starts with an “R” and ends with an “mberto” was recently overheard arguing with a less sweater-loving cashier about security cameras in Leo’s. The latter was passionately supporting… Read More