This Week in the Voice: The exclusivity of campus cultural groups

In this week’s feature, Vox Assistant Editor Kenneth Lee explores students’ experiences in cultural groups on campus and the barriers created between international and American students within these groups. Daniel Kim (COL ‘17), a Korean-American Maryland native, arrived at a general body… Read More


GUSA wants a talk with the Provost

Georgetown’s new provost Robert Groves has been busy, going after grade inflation and snow days. GUSA Secretary of Academic Affairs Guy Mentel (COL ’14) and Senate Intellectual Life Chairwoman Shweta Wahal (SFS ’16) have launched an “engagement campaign” in response… Read More

Grade inflation at Georgetown Law meant to help students

Following a trend in law schools across the country, Georgetown Law faculty adopted a less-taxing grading curve last winter. The revised grading curve, which retroactively applied to the fall 2009 semester, makes it easier for law students to… Read More